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The laser tag is becoming the world’s biggest hit and most popular simulation of combat. For all those people looking for a fun, new and innovative experience. Laser tag is a game that can be played by almost all age groups, regardless of fitness.

The laser tag is a phenomenal simulation that is very fun – especially when playing it with friends. Prior to the start of the game, each player receives a vest covered with sensors, which can be affected by laser weapons that fire infrared rays. When the air hits the sensor, that player scores and eliminates the opponent. We have saved up a fantastically designed space specifically prepared to make the game as interesting and exciting as possible.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and keep up-to-date with the latest trends. We have always held ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to our clients. Your satisfaction and good fun is our main goal.

The laser tag is absolutely safe and secure to play and can by no means harm your health. The infrared rays emitted by laser rifles are low frequency and low energy, which makes them unable to do any damage.


If you are looking for the best and most interesting way to organize a children’s birthday or party, you are in the right place. In the most exciting arena, we offer the best birthday options for each scenario. Just let us know what you expect, and we will do our best to meet your expectations. If you are looking for a birthday party your child will never forget, contact us and let us plan the best party you will ever have! Our parents adore us for our birthday packages and the ease of arrangement and organization.

Give your child a party that will leave him speechless.

Parents can enjoy our cafe during the birthday and during that time observe the children through the glass partition. There will be an expert person with children all the time. Café drinks are paid at regular regular rates, which are tailored for club members and are fairly affordable.

For each type of arrangement and reservation, please contact us at the phone number available on the site.


Do you know that there are two trade union unions: Alpha and Omega? Today you will clash with the enemy. And at the end of the fight we will find out which union is stronger.

You are on your vacation to planet Forpozitum when you are suddenly attacked by pirates. It’s a good idea to have your own blasters with you … we assume you already know what to do, right?

Sleteli ste na nepoznatu planetu gde ste zaraženi virusom koji vas pretvara u vampire. Jedina stvar koja vam sada ostaje je da se napadate međusobno i kradete život za vaše bivše telo.

A very important person has been abducted by space pirates who want to seek redemption for her. Now the trustees have only one task – to save the hostage at all costs.

Space pirates attack the cruiser and you are the only ones who can save it. Go straight to the capsule for blisters and clothing (uniforms), but hurry – time is running out.

You are in a space troop camp and the one who achieves the best results will (win) a space trunk map.

The space station for the extraction of uranium has not been reported for almost two weeks, and therefore a team of experienced trustees is sent there. When you arrive at the station you discover that all the workers have turned into mutants armed with blasters. To save them, you must deactivate the source of contamination that they naturally store. It is located in the heart of the station.

Your company leader is infected with a virus that has turned him into a zombie. The task is to eliminate it at all costs so that other team members are not infected.

As you return from another business trip, your ship is attacked by space pirates. But you are not ordinary travelers, but top level bodybuilders who definitely know how to defend themselves.

The pirates have captured the spacecraft and the commander sends the most experienced fighters – you – to rescue him. Justify the trust!

The villains abducted you and you are now part of the Duel game. You only have one pre-filled blaster to help you survive.

A teleport machine was shipped to your group, but something went wrong and you ended up in another galaxy at a space station from the past where you have to fight, using old blasters.

You test new weapons and you are placed in capsules to launch AVATAR. Most of your team manages Aliens, while the rest are Predators. Your job is to figure out which weapon is best.

You wake up at a space station and have no idea how you got there. Next to you is a blaster and a message: “Welcome to the Space Arena. Destroy all opponents before they destroy you. “.

There is a fight for one of the space stations and you are lucky to be a part of this fight. A doctor will help you survive until the very end.