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Airsoft is one of the most popular war simulations in the world, played by millions of enthusiasts around the world. It is a game in which participants eliminate one another with weapons that throw out round non-metallic bullets.


The game does not require special preparation at all. All you need to get started with the game are three basic things: participants, equipment and scenario/combat area.


Practically anyone can enjoy airsoft! No age or gender is important, as long as the participants follow the security protocols and enter the game with a positive attitude.


You may be wondering what makes airsoft so appealing to so many different types of people? It’s simple; warfare is part of human history since antiquity. Over the centuries, the fascination of humanity with war has led to the creation of many war games and simulations. Airsoft belongs to the category of war simulations where people emulate military scenarios and police actions with replicas of real weapons. Keep in mind that airsoft is in addition to being fun also physically demanding sport.

The airsoft cradle is Japan where we find the beginnings of this game in the mid-’70s of the last century. During this period, it was illegal in Japan for any individual to possess conventional firearms. Design of airsoft enabled every lover of weapons to satisfy his desire and make his own collection of weapons. At the same time, this was also a Japanese response to America’s obsession with paintball. Over time, with the development of technology, it was possible to create a better and more authentic weapon. This fact led to a more realistic feeling in the fight itself and the great popularity of the game. Airsoft is today a sport in which millions of people around the world enjoy the dynamism and competitiveness of the game itself, as well as very authentic replicas of firearms with which the players are equipped.

Airsoft guns fire 6mm or 8mm plastic pellets. They are fast enough for the competitor to feel the impact, but not to cause serious injury. Pellets can hit the target at a distance of up to 45 meters, but they are much less painful than paintball bullets. Most of the weapons can be both automatic and semi-automatic and very faithfully illustrate a replica model, both in appearance and feel, charging the batch, and often in weight. As a result of their incredible resemblance to the actual models in some states of the US, airsoft weapons have an orange tip to make it different from the real one.

Airsoft game is incredibly fun! The only requirement is that you are older than 13 years old. Regardless of gender, the level of physical fitness, all can enjoy this dynamic and interesting sport. Airsoft is a team game, and players soon realize that if they want to win, they have to work with their team.

Airsoft helps build a team spirit, since cooperation with other team members, in order to eliminate opponents, develops cooperation.

Surely there is a similarity with other akin games, on the first place with paintball. But with the addition of real military tactics, an incredibly large selection of different weapons and choice of authentic locations, airsoft will give you a new dimension of adventure you have never experienced before. Airsoft has many advantages to all other similar sports. If you are a fan of action movies or shooting games airsoft is something you should not miss.

Unlike the paintball in which competitors are painted when they are hit, airsoft uses a code of honor. A player who is hit indicates that by shouting “Hit” and raising an arm.  Airsoft players are therefore very honest and friendly, with a strong community around the world.

Your safety and health are greatly important to us. At the start of the day, our professionally trained staff briefly points you to all the important aspects you need to pay attention to. Airsoft equipment is perfectly safe as long as it is used as indicated.

Airsoft is also used to train soldiers. As the sport is extremely realistic, various military organizations use airsoft weapons as a means to train their soldiers in new tactics, shooting and many other aspects of the battle.